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Clarivate highlights seven innovators in antibody drug conjugates in annual report
19 June 2024 -

Clarivate Plc (NYSE: CLVT), a global provider of transformative intelligence, announced on Wednesday that it has released its third annual Companies to Watch report, spotlighting seven innovative firms advancing antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) in cancer treatment. These companies are expected to revolutionise drug discovery and development, drawing significant interest from major pharmaceutical companies.

Emerging ADC developers like Adcendo ApS, Araris Biotech AG, GO Therapeutics, Heidelberg Pharma AG, Pheon Therapeutics, Tallac Therapeutics Inc and Tubulis are pioneering targeted cancer therapies with minimal side effects. The report evaluates these companies based on their innovative approaches, financing and R&D activity.

ADCs, which combine cytotoxic payloads with monoclonal antibodies, offer greater specificity and a broader therapeutic index compared to traditional therapies. Despite historical challenges in ADC development, including component selection and manufacturing complexities, more than a dozen ADC therapies have gained global approval. Contract development manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) are now helping to overcome these obstacles.

Highlighted companies use novel technologies to address these challenges. For instance, Adcendo ApS targets the uPARAP receptor in various cancers, while Araris Biotech AG employs a one-step drug attachment technology for enhanced efficacy. GO Therapeutics focuses on glycoprotein cancer targets and Heidelberg Pharma AG uses amanitin-based payloads. Pheon Therapeutics and Tallac Therapeutics Inc are developing next-generation ADCs, and Tubulis aims to minimise offsite toxicities with its Tub-tag and P5 platforms.

The report's methodology incorporates data from proprietary sources like BioWorld, Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence and others, assessing factors such as medical challenges, disease burden, developmental milestones and financial positioning. This comprehensive analysis underscores the potential of ADCs to become a cornerstone in modern oncology treatment.

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