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Myeloid Therapeutics announces participation at SVB Securities Biopharma Company Connect Event
24 May 2023 -

Myeloid Therapeutics, Inc., a US-based clinical stage mRNA-immunotherapy company, announced on Tuesday that it will participate in the SVB Securities Biopharma Company Connect event, taking place virtually 24-25 May 2023.

Myeloid says that its management will participate in virtual one-on-one meetings with investors during the event.

About Myeloid Therapeutics

Myeloid Therapeutics is a clinical stage mRNA-immunotherapy company developing novel therapies for cancer. Integrating the fields of RNA, immunology and medicine, the company's proprietary platform provides clinical solutions by matching therapeutic modalities to disease conditions, including use of autologous cell therapies, in vivo cell programming using mRNA, and RNA-based gene-editing using RetroT.