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Clinical Microbiology Market to Reach USD 5.7bn by 2027, According to Research and Markets
28 December 2022 - - The global clinical microbiology market size reached USD 3.9bn in 2021, according to a new report from Dublin-based Research and Markets.

Looking forward, the publisher expects the market to reach USD 5.7bn by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 6.53% during 2021-2027.

Clinical microbiology is a field of medical science that assists in diagnosing, preventing, and treating various infectious diseases.

It focuses on identifying the presence of bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic agents and determining the susceptibility of microorganisms by conducting various tests.

Some of the commonly used testing methods are direct smears and stains, cultures, molecular analysis, serological testing, and antibiotic susceptibility testing.

Presently, clinical microbiology is gaining traction across the globe on account of its effective antibiotic administration and improved treatment outcomes.

Clinical Microbiology Market Trends:
The increasing prevalence of infectious diseases around the world represents one of the primary factors propelling the growth of the market.

Additionally, the rising air and water pollution levels are increasing incidences of respiratory diseases among individuals, which, in turn, is driving the market.

Apart from this, the integration of automation in clinical microbiology is creating a favorable outlook for market growth as it enables specimen traceability, eliminates delays in incubations and improves the efficiency of laboratory operations.

Furthermore, the leading players are focusing on introducing technological advancements in disease diagnostics, such as the adoption of machine learning, which aids in providing quick and accurate results.

This, along with the introduction of several molecular diagnostic techniques, is offering lucrative growth opportunities to the market.

Moreover, the rising adoption of advanced clinical diagnostic techniques, including real-time polymerase chain reaction, next-generation sequencing, and mass spectrometry for effective identification and characterization of pathogens, is acting as another growth-inducing factor.

Other major factors, including the increasing number of new microorganisms causing various infectious diseases and the burgeoning healthcare sector across the globe, are anticipated to impel the growth of the market.


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