Therapy Areas: AIDS & HIV
Inflammasome Therapeutics to develop dual sustained release HIV prevention and birth control implant for women
10 August 2021 -

Inflammasome Therapeutics reported on Monday the receipt of the new second USD1.3m grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop bioerodible implants for women, to provide prevention from HIV infection coupled with birth control.

In September 2020, the company received USD1.0m grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for development of an 18-month sustained release bioerodible implant for birth control.

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation report, women represent 55% of all adults (15-49) living with HIV worldwide and HIV (along with complications related to pregnancy) is the leading cause of death among women of reproductive age.

The company said the 12-month bioerodible implant is expected to deliver a constant and consistent level of islatravir for HIV prevention and concurrently a consistent low plasma level of the hormone levonorgestrel. Once the drugs have been released in the body the implant will dissolve without a need for it to be removed, which is beneficial in areas of the world where it may be difficult to maintain follow-up.

Inflammasome Therapeutics is a private, science-based company that develops therapies for prevalent, degenerative diseases and sustained-release drug delivery systems



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