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Covimro Ltd's Covimro inactivates Coronavirus, Lentivirus/HIV
8 April 2021 -

Biotech start-up Covimro Ltd said on Wednesday that its food-grade compound Covimro is effective against Coronavirus based on tests.

Based in the UK, the company added the Covimro has been shown to be equally effective against other viruses as demonstrated in recent scientific studies. In March 2021, Covimro was tested for antiviral efficacy against Lentivirus/HIV with a Luciferase Assay.

In conjunction with the trials, the results show a three log reduction in viral titre at all concentrations tested. This preliminary data warrants further investigation in to the Covimro effect, said Dr Senthil Chinnakannan, a molecular virologist at the University of Oxford.

According to the company, the protein spikes naturally evolve and change over time, resulting in mutations that lead to new strains, which put pressure on vaccines as well as the requirement for booster doses . With new Covid strains continually emerging around the world, the growing reality is that Covid is likely to remain in the world for many years to come.

Currently, the company is in discussions with international distribution partners for an upcoming launch of its consumer goods products.



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