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Bexson Biomedical adds new Scientific Advisory Board member
21 September 2022 -

Bexson Biomedical, Inc., a US-based biopharmaceutical company, announced on Tuesday that it has added Robert S Langer ScD to its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).

Dr Langer serves as the David H. Koch Institute professor at MIT. He has served as both a member and chairman of the United States Food and Drug Administration's Science Board. He is the co-founder of Moderna.

Gregg Peterson, Bexson CEO, said, 'We are excited to have Dr Langer join our Scientific Advisory Board as a world leader in new biotechnology advancements and inventions who understands the complexities of the regulatory pathway for such advancements given his service as chairman of the FDA Science Board. Furthermore, we believe his addition to our SAB is a testament for our formulation technology, SEVALENT's, potential to disrupt the small molecule injectable market, bringing traditionally expensive, clinically delivered therapies, to the patients' home.'