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Better Therapeutics Completes Pivotal Trial of BT-001 for Type 2 Diabetes and Announces Positive Secondary Endpoint Results Following the Earlier Announcement of Positive Primary Endpoint Results
1 August 2022 - - US-based prescription digital therapeutics company Better Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: BTTX) has completed the pivotal clinical trial for BT-001, an investigational first-in-class prescription digital therapeutic that is designed to use nCBT to treat type 2 diabetes, the company said.

With the positive data reported by this pivotal clinical trial, Better Therapeutics intends to submit a de novo classification request to the US Food and Drug Administration in 3Q22, seeking marketing authorization for BT-001 for the treatment of patients with T2D.

If granted, BT-001 would become the first prescription digital therapeutic for the treatment of T2D.

This data follows the announcement in March that the trial had met its primary endpoint at day 90 with a p-value of < 0.0001.

The secondary endpoint data assessed at day 180 continued this trend, showing statistically significant decreases in A1c levels when compared to a control group receiving standard of care (p-value = 0.01).

The results achieved were sustainable and improved between day 90 and day 180 of the trial, demonstrating that BT-001 has the potential to deliver meaningful, durable improvements in blood sugar control for a complex range of patients with T2D already on standard of care blood sugar lowering medications.

In addition, exploratory data revealed a host of cardiometabolic improvements as well as lower medication utilization compared to the control group, supporting the potential for BT-001 to improve the overall health of patients with T2D and potentially reduce the usage of increasingly costly T2D medications associated with the progression of the disease.

The open label, randomized, controlled, parallel group trial enrolled a nationally representative group of 668 adults with T2D and mean baseline A1c of 8.1%.

Participants in the trial had long standing T2D (mean 11 years), multiple comorbidities, and were already on multiple diabetes medications, representing a difficult to treat patient population.

Participants were randomized to receive standard of care with or without BT-001 and the primary efficacy endpoint was the difference in mean change from baseline in A1c after 90 days of treatment between the two groups.

The trial was designed with a high bar to pass and to avoid artificial designs that could produce large outcomes that do not apply to all patients. This includes not constraining patients to a specific medication profile and not incentivizing patients to use the BT-001 therapy.

BT-001 is Better Therapeutics' investigational prescription digital therapy for the treatment of T2D.

The investigational therapy is delivered via software that provides a tailored experience to patients designed to help them address the underlying causes of T2D by making meaningful, sustainable behavioral changes.

The BT-001 investigational therapy is rooted in the well-studied, gold standard of behavioral modification therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy.

While CBT has been used for T2D and other cardiometabolic conditions before, until now the approach has not been scalable due to the need to deliver the therapy via a therapist.

If authorized by FDA, BT-001 would be the first validated, prescription solution for delivering this therapeutic approach to T2D patients at scale, from their digital devices.

Better Therapeutics digital therapeutic platform is designed to delivers a novel form of CBT - nutritional CBT - to help people with cardiometabolic diseases potentially improve key measures related to T2D, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other cardiometabolic conditions.

By adapting the principles and mechanisms of cognitive behavioral therapy, the digital therapeutic platform is designed to address and modify the cognitive patterns that affect eating habits and other behavioral factors associated with cardiometabolic diseases.

Better Therapeutics is a prescription digital therapeutics company developing a novel form of cognitive behavioral therapy to address the root causes of cardiometabolic diseases.

The company has developed a proprietary platform for the development of FDA-regulated, software-based solutions for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other conditions.

The CBT delivered by Better Therapeutics' PDT is designed to enable changes in neural pathways of the brain so lasting changes in behavior become possible.

Addressing the underlying causes of these diseases has the potential to dramatically improve patient health while lowering healthcare costs.

Better Therapeutics' clinically validated mobile applications, if authorized for marketing, are intended to be prescribed by physicians and reimbursed like traditional medicines.


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