Research & Development
Precision Epigenomics partners with TruDiagnostic
15 April 2024 -

Precision Epigenomics, an Arizona-based innovative molecular diagnostics company, announced on Friday that it has entered a partnership with TruDiagnostic, a health data company and CLIA-certified laboratory that specialises in epigenetic testing and research, in the United States.

With a network of 40,000 integrative medicine clinicians across the country, TruDiagnostic, can extend access to Precision Epigenomics' novel, blood-based, multi-screening cancer test EPISEEK.

Dr Rich Bernert, AP/CP board-certified pathologist and Precision Epigenomics COO, said, 'We are looking at approximately 610,000 cancer deaths in the US each year, in which there are currently no FDA-approved screening options.'