Research & Development
argenx advances clinical development of efgartigimod in primary Sjogren's disease
27 March 2024 -

Immunology company argenx SE (Euronext Brussels:ARGX) (Nasdaq:ARGX) confirmed on Wednesday that it plans to continue the development of efgartigimod to Phase 3 in adults with primary Sjogren's disease (SjD).

This decision follows an analysis of topline data from the Phase 2 RHO study which showed favourable safety, efficacy and biomarker results, confirming the therapeutic potential of efgartigimod.

With primary Sjogren's disease lacking FDA-approved treatments, efgartigimod offers promise as a potential alternative therapy for patients.

Sjogren's disease, characterised by immune-mediated destruction of exocrine glands, predominantly affects women. Common symptoms include dry eyes and mouth, fatigue, joint point and impaired cognitive function, and a substantial subset of patients suffer from extraglandular systemic disease.

Designed to target disease-causing immunoglobulin G antibodies, efgartigimod has demonstrated clinical efficacy across multiple endpoints.