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Arsenal Biosciences Forges Joint Discovery Collaboration with Genentech to Identify Features of Successful T-Cell Therapies for Oncology
27 September 2022 - - US-based cell therapy company Arsenal Biosciences, Inc have inked a multi-year collaboration with US-based Genentech, a member of Switzerland's Roche Group, the company said.

The companies will deploy ArsenalBio's proprietary technology for high-throughput screening and engineering of T cells, to identify critical success circuits in T cell-based therapies.

This discovery process employs the convergence of automation, large-scale genome engineering with high-content profiling, and machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to aid and advance the design, building, and testing of next-generation cell therapies for cancer.

Arsenal will receive USD 70m in upfront payments along with research, development, and commercial milestones.

While there has been significant progress using T cell-based therapies in hematological malignancies, solid tumors present additional challenges, including an adversarial tumor microenvironment, that limit the effectiveness of adoptive T cell therapy.

ArsenalBio's engineering platform employs a suite of technologies, including high-throughput CRISPR-based gene editing, synthetic biology, and computational biology, to create new synthetic biological programs aimed at enhancing T cell functions to enable them to overcome the complex immunological defense systems present in and surrounding solid tumors.

Under the terms of the collaboration, ArsenalBio and Genentech will deploy synergistic capabilities to study effective T cell-based modifications and develop new understandings of their effects through preclinical analysis.

Both companies will leverage these learnings in the development of future therapeutic candidates.

Arsenal Biosciences, Inc. (ArsenalBio), located in South San Francisco, Calif., is a privately held programmable cell therapy company discovering and developing a pipeline of next-generation autologous T cell therapies to defeat cancer.

Its full-stack R and D engine generates multifunctional T cell medicines, enabled by precise and specific CRISPR insertion of large synthetic DNA sequences.

ArsenalBio is building the industry's largest DNA library of therapeutic enhancing integrated circuits, incorporating logic gating for improved tumor targeting and synthetic features enabling multiple pharmaceutical functions.


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