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People Science collaborates with Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical
23 September 2022 -

People Science, a US-based direct-to-consumer scientific research company providing a scaled R&D platform for alternative medicines, and Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical, a US-based drug development company, announced on Thursday that they are collaborating to develop tools for healthcare providers and their patients to track, monitor, and understand the impacts of treatments on their health in the real-world setting.

People Science is developing protocols and workflows utilising a data-driven and people-forward approach. The protocols and workflows are being designed in partnerships with experts in opioid use disorder and inflammatory disease states. People Science's proprietary software technology CHLOE, the Consumer Health Learning and Organizing Ecosystem, are intended to allow both the healthcare providers and their patients to track symptoms, results, quality of life, and the response to various therapies and approaches.

Jackie Iversen, RPh, MS, cofounder and head of Clinical Development at Sen-Jam, said, 'We are thrilled to be collaborating with People Science as our missions are exactly on point with driving advancements that put people at the centre of the outcomes gathering. The number one reason a person cannot release themselves from the grip of opioid use is the harrowing withdrawal symptoms. We believe our product can radically reduce these symptoms using a non-opioid, safe and effective product. This partnership promises to liberate independent study on a pre-clinical level for so many who desperately need it.'