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Shuttle Pharmaceuticals signs contract with TCG GreenChem
21 September 2022 -

Shuttle Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: SHPH), a US-based discovery and development stage specialty pharmaceutical company, announced on Tuesday that it has signed a contract with TCG GreenChem, Inc, the US subsidiary of India-based TCG Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.

The contract has been signed for Greenchem to manufacture Ropidoxuridine, Shuttle Pharmaceuticals lead clinical sensitiser drug candidate, for use in formulating the drug product for testing in clinical trials of Ropidoxuridine and radiation therapy (RT) of cancers.

TCG GreenChem is conducting process research, development and optimisation work for Shuttle Pharma related to the product and will create working standards of starting materials and intermediates to support the qualitative/quantitative evaluation of the drug reaction progress, determination of impurities, total mass balance and assay yields of the reactions, in addition to the production of Ropidoxuridine.

Shuttle Pharma is to own all intellectual property and improvements developed via the manufacturing agreement.