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Thermo Fisher Scientific, LabShares Partner to Support Emerging Boston Biotechs
20 May 2022 - - To support the Greater Boston biotech ecosystem, US-based lab instrument maker Thermo Fisher Scientific (NYSE: TMO) is joining forces with biotech incubator LabShares Newton to provide instruments, lab equipment and consumables to help early-stage life sciences companies accelerate their drug discovery efforts, the company said.

LabShares provides fully furnished lab space, services and equipment to more than 25 biotech companies, alleviating logistics constraints to help them bring novel therapeutics to market.

Thermo Fisher will outfit the shared lab space with equipment including ultra-low temperature freezers, cell culture incubators, microscopes and PCR instruments.

While investment in the biotech industry continues to climb, the high cost of bringing drugs through research and development to the market is limiting many early-stage companies from flourishing.

By offering alternative lab space and more tailored support and resources, LabShares and its partners are helping emerging biotech companies clear hurdles that previously hindered growth for smaller companies trying to break through the market.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. posts annual revenue of approximately USD 40 bn.


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