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DarwinHealth and Prelude Therapeutics enter into scientific research collaboration
13 October 2021 -

DarwinHealth Inc, a precision-focused cancer medicine company, announced on Wednesday that it entered into scientific research collaboration with United States-based Prelude Therapeutics.

The collaboration is aimed at using DarwinHealth's Biomarker Enrichment Strategies for Assays (BEST Platform) to explain novel biomarkers that guide translational trajectories of multiple cancer molecules being developed by Prelude Therapeutics.

According to the partnership, DarwinHealth is to use its proprietary, quantitative, systems biology-based algorithms, CLIA-approved technologies, and validated approaches concentrated on Protein Master Regulator (MR) and tumour checkpoints to identify novel protein-based biomarkers that will add a significant precision a Selection of patient cohorts for clinical trials to be carried out at Prelude's discretion in haematological and solid tumours. Under the Biomarker Enrichment Strategies for Assays to explain initiative, DarwinHealth is to offer a comprehensive reading of the potential clinical value of selected Prelude molecules in a spectrum of tumour types. DarwinHealth is to also assist in the design of in vivo validation studies to look at key opportunities that are not likely to be apparent with conventional technologies using quantitative modelling and biomarker-focused translation pathways.