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Abveris signs antibody discovery collaboration with Foundery Innovations
22 July 2021 -

Abveris Inc, aUS-based antibody discovery company offering contract research services to the biopharma industry, announced on Wednesday that it has signed an antibody discovery collaboration with Foundery Innovations Inc, a United States-based biotechnology studio focused on generating cutting-edge immunotherapeutics, for the discovery of monoclonal antibodies to support the development of novel biotherapeutic drugs.

Under the contract, Abveris is to use its proprietary DiversimAb platform along with its new rapid B cell screening platform, powered by the Berkeley Lights Beacon, to identify antibody drug candidates aimed at antigens nominated by Foundery Innovations.

Tracey Mullen, Abveris chief executive officer, said, 'The team at Foundery Innovations is positioned to redefine immunotherapy with a strong portfolio of tractable targets. Partnership with Abveris provides advanced, best-in-class antibody discovery through high resolution single B cell screening, which will enable rapid clinical advancement for these novel therapeutic products.'