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LUCA Science Opens New Subsidiary in the UK, Expands Collaboration with the University of Oxford on the Development of Novel Mitochondrial Therapeutics
8 April 2021 - - Japan-based biotechnology company LUCA Science has expanded its international operations, with the establishment of a new wholly-owned subsidiary company in the United Kingdom, the company said.

LUCA Science UK will focus on research collaborations with the University of Oxford using LUCA Science's proprietary Mitochondria therapy in advancing treatment of intra-uterine growth restriction for mothers and babies.

IUGR affects over 10 m babies worldwide/year with 200,000 deaths related to IUGR and survivors (often delivered prematurely) face not only the sequelae of preterm birth but also increased long-term risks of disease (metabolic and cardiac).

The largest global causes of IUGR are malnutrition and/or failure of the placenta to effectively transfer nutrition to the baby.

Currently, the only treatment for IUGR is delivery irrespective of gestation. Increasing placental cellular bioenergetics and maintaining its function is a logical alternative solution.

This collaboration was formed in order to realise this solution and seeks to address this by specifically delivering therapeutics to the placenta, combining unique technology developed at LUCA Science in Japan with extensive placental research experience at the University of Oxford.

LUCA Science is in developing a new class of mitochondrial therapy to restore cellular bioenergetics in dysfunctional tissues. Mitochondria are the power plants in our cells that produce energy for our bodies. LUCA Science has developed a novel method to isolate proprietary functional mitochondria which can then be stored and delivered as a biopharmaceutical agent.


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