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Genflow Biosciences secures EUR395,847 grant for longevity research
12 June 2024 -

Longevity research company Genflow Biosciences Plc (LSE: GENF) (OTCQB: GENFF) announced on Wednesday that it has received EUR395,847 from the Government of Wallonia in Belgium as part of a Exofastrack research grant.

This non-dilutive, non-reimbursable subsidy supports Genflow and EXO Biologics' three-year scientific program, covering 80% of the expenses.

The grant will fund the development of a therapeutic product composed of exosomes encapsulating AAV or mRNA encoding SIRT6, targeting liver fibrosis (MASH) and Werner Syndrome, an accelerated aging disease.

Founded in 2020, Genflow, headquartered in the UK with R&D facilities in Belgium, focuses on gene therapies to slow the aging process and promote healthier lives.

Genflow's lead compound, GF-1002, delivers a centenarian variant of the SIRT6 gene and has shown promising preclinical results. A clinical trial for GF-1002, scheduled for 2025, aims to treat MASH, the most prevalent chronic liver disease currently without effective treatments.