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Scancell Holdings announces evaluation agreement with major biotechnology company
12 June 2024 -

Biopharmaceutical company Scancell Holdings plc (AIM: SCLP), a developer of novel oncology immunotherapies, revealed on Wednesday that it has granted a major international biotechnology company exclusivity to evaluate its investigational anti-glycan monoclonal antibody.

This antibody, part of Scancell's GlyMab platform, will be assessed for the development of novel therapeutic products. The agreement includes a USD1m exclusivity payment due within 30 days and lasts for seven months.

Scancell's anti-glycan monoclonal antibody is one of five developed using its proprietary GlyMab platform, which targets sugar motifs on cancer cells rather than proteins. This innovative approach allows the identification and development of multiple monoclonal antibodies against glycan targets, with a robust portfolio of patents supporting the technology.

The company is advancing a pipeline of differentiated anti-cancer monoclonal antibodies, including GlyMab and AvidiMab. The company leverages its proprietary research on the human adaptive immune system to create novel therapies for cancer and infectious diseases, utilising four technology platforms: Moditope and ImmunoBody for vaccines, along with GlyMab and AvidiMab for antibodies.