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Kintara Therapeutics initiates REM-001 clinical trial for cutaneous metastatic breast cancer treatment
12 February 2024 -

Biopharmaceutical company Kintara Therapeutics Inc (Nasdaq: KTRA) announced on Monday that it has commenced a 15-patient clinical trial for REM-001 in cutaneous metastatic breast cancer (CMBC) patients.

The study aims to confirm the planned dose and optimise the trial design, paving the way for a Phase 3 clinical trial initiation.

REM-001, a second-generation photodynamic therapy (PDT) photosensitizer agent, will be evaluated for its efficacy, with the primary endpoint being the Best Overall Objective Response Rate (bORR).

Kintara's dedication to developing novel cancer therapies aligns with its REM-001 Therapy program, addressing unmet medical needs in patients.