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ValiRx signs agreement with Dundee University for novel therapeutic research
12 February 2024 -

Life science company ValiRx plc (AIM: VAL) announced on Monday that it has entered into a comprehensive five-year agreement with the University of Dundee and its Drug Discovery Unit (DDU) to access research on novel therapeutic candidates. The first Evaluation Agreement focuses on pro-senescence, a promising area for treating various cancer types and diseases associated with healthy aging.

The Evaluation Agreement, spanning 12 months, will investigate a lead series of therapeutic candidates. The evaluation process will assess mechanism of action and anti-cancer activity at the Inaphaea BioLabs facility. If successful, the project may be considered for in-licensing on pre-agreed terms.

ValiRx focuses on early-stage cancer therapeutics and women's health. The company provides the framework for translating innovative science into clinical development, selecting and incubating promising drug candidates for further development and commercialisation.

The University of Dundee, a world-leading centre for life sciences research, ranks first in the Entrepreneurial Impact Ranking 2023. The Drug Discovery Unit, supported by the University's Research & Innovation Services, plays a key role in maximising research impact and strategic industry partnerships.