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Arcede Pharma and Iconovo advance collaborative COPD treatment, RCD405, towards clinical testing milestone
16 November 2023 -

Arcede Pharma and Iconovo AB (Nasdaq First North:ICO) announced on Thursday progress in the development of COPD treatment, RCD405.

Following a successful four-week toxicological study demonstrating RCD405's excellent tolerance, the collaborative project, supported by SweLife, moves forward with a technical stability study. This study precedes the clinical testing phase for the drug candidate, a key milestone in its development.

Iconovo, responsible for formulation, has optimized RCD405 for use in its inhaler platforms, ICOone and ICOcap, accommodating a wide dose range. The drug candidate, designed by Arcede Pharma, offers a dual mechanism of action with broncho-relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties, differentiating it from current treatments and presenting the potential for enhanced efficacy.

ICOone stands out as a unique and patented single-use dry powder inhaler with a cost-effective design, facilitating simple and discreet use. Its Open-Inhale design ensures ease of operation with minimal training, delivering moisture-protected large inhalation doses.

Similarly, ICOcap emerges as an inhaler for capsule-loaded drugs, featuring a robust, easy-to-grip design with a patented integrated mouthpiece cover and low inhalation resistance. With comparable function and performance to Novartis' Breezhaler, ICOcap contributes to Iconovo's diverse inhalation product portfolio.