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AllyGPO names new strategic advisor for oncology care
15 November 2023 -

AllyGPO, an American umbrella of individual specialty group purchasing organisations (GPOs) serving community physician practices, announced on Tuesday the appointment of Ray Bailey, BPharm, RPh as a strategic advisor in the launch of AllyOncology.

In this role, Bailey will support the company in achieving its mission to be an ally in preserving the vitality and value of community oncology care by increasing practices' group purchasing power, productivity and financial health via the management of their oncolytic specialty drugs.

Bailey is an expert in the clinical pharmacy management of cancer patients in the community setting. He served for 14 years at Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute (FCS) and established Rx To Go, its in-house oral oncolytic specialty pharmacy. Prior to the oncology practice setting, Bailey spent 24 years in the home infusion specialty pharmacy space.