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UCB enters into early drug discovery collaboration with Aitia
16 March 2023 -

UCB, a global biopharmaceutical company, and Aitia, a drug development company leveraging the application of Causal AI and 'Digital Twins', announced on Wednesday that they have entered into an early drug discovery collaboration aimed at the discovery and validation of novel drug targets and drug candidates for Huntington's disease.

The partnership aims to validate novel drug targets that are causally related to clinical endpoints in Huntington's disease.

Under the strategic collaboration, the firms will combine the use of novel Huntington's disease drug targets from Aitia's Gemini Digital Twins with UCB's expertise in drug research and preclinical model systems in neurodegeneration. The intention is to expedite the discovery of new therapies for people living with Huntington's disease.

Financial details of the deal were not revealed.