Oblique Therapeutics names new chief executive officer
10 November 2022 -

Oblique Therapeutics AB (publ.), a Sweden-based biotechnology company, announced on Wednesday, that it has named Christer Nordstedt MD. PhD as its new chief executive officer (CEO).

Nordstedt has wide range of experience within the pharmaceutical industry from operational and strategic positions at management level in companies including Vivesto, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Orion Corporation, Eli Lilly, Roche, AstraZeneca among others. He has recently served as interim CEO for Vivesto, a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, Uppsala, Sweden. He holds a MD and PhD degrees in Pharmacology and Biochemistry from Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. His insights include discovery and clinical development work in neurodegeneration, pain, oncology, and psychiatry.

Nordstedt said, 'I am very excited about the opportunity to join Oblique therapeutics. During my 25+ years of experience in various executive positions in the international pharma industry I have often encountered highly validated potential drug targets that-if addressed properly-could offer great advantage to underserved patient groups. These include ion channels, cancer gene products and numerous other proteins. But unfortunately, with existing technology, many of these targets could not be addressed. I was therefore genuinely surprised to see how much Oblique Therapeutics already has achieved with several of these "difficult targets". I believe that with access to Oblique Therapeutics novel proprietary technologies and know-how this frustrating situation is changing. Previously non-druggable targets are rapidly becoming druggable.'