Essenpreis Named to lino Biotech Board of Directors
28 July 2022 - - Switzerland-based life science tools company lino Biotech AG, a spin-out from Roche Diagnostics that has developed a reagent-free method for measuring molecular interactions in living cells or crude biological samples, has named Dr. Matthias Essenpreis as its new board member, the company said.

He serves as chief technology officer at Roche Diagnostics.

He will complete the board of directors, alongside chairman Seppo Mäkinen, serial entrepreneur; Monique Schiersing, senior investment director at the Roche Venture Fund; Dr. Robert Wicke, CEO of Biolog; and Dr. Mirko Stange, CEO of lino Biotech.

Since its incorporation in 2020 the company has made significant advances in developing new biosensors to facilitate quality control in Bioprocessing, measuring viral-load in cell and gene therapy manufacturing and testing for off-target responses in living cells to support drug discovery.

The company will exhibit new performance data at the DxPx Industry and Investor Partnering Conference in Chicago on July 26th 28th.

Investors interested in meeting the company can contact lino Biotech to be registered for the conference.

lino Biotech AG was incorporated as ETH Zurich spin-out in Zürich, Switzerland, in March 2020, and is venture backed by Roche Venture Fund, High-Tech Gründerfonds and several life science family offices.

lino Biotech is a life science tools company that develops reagent-free biosensors and readers to measure pharmaceutical relevant biological entities directly from crude samples such as bioprocess reactors solutions.