Legault Named Chairman and Board Member at Egle Therapeutics
10 May 2022 - - French biotechnology company Egle Therapeutics SAS has appointed Pierre Legault as chairman and board member as of March 2022, the company said.

With experience over 35 years in leadership roles at companies across the biotech and pharmaceutical sector, Legault will be a key part of the team as Egle deploys its technology platforms to construct a drug pipeline of novel immunotherapies targeting suppressor regulatory T cells (Tregs).

Over the past five years, Legault has been at the cutting-edge of innovative oncology therapeutics, serving as director of Syndax Pharmaceuticals, and chairman of the board at Artios Pharma, Bicycle Therapeutics, and Sitryx Therapeutics.

This first-hand experience of wide-ranging novel approaches to treat cancer and autoimmune conditions places Legault in a very strong position as he joins the team at Egle Therapeutics.

In his early career, Legault held global roles including president, CEO and CFO at legacy companies of the Sanofi-Aventis group.

Over the past decades, Legault has continued to build a rich profile of experience, holding C-suite executive roles and serving as a board member at over 20 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies such as Prosidion Ltd., NPS, Armo, Clementia, Poxel, Amolyt Pharma, Urovant Sciences and others.

Established in early 2020 as a spin-out of Institut Curie by Luc Boblet, serial biotech entrepreneur, and Dr Eliane Piaggio, PhD, renowned immunologist in the Treg / IL-2 field (INSERM Research director, Head of the Translational Immunotherapy Team TransImm at Institut Curie), Egle Therapeutics develops First-In-Class immunotherapies targeting immune suppressor regulatory T cells (Tregs) for oncology and autoimmune diseases.

The key element of Egle's core approach is the leveraging of its translational-based target discovery platform to unveil novel therapeutic Treg targets and computationally designed immunocytokines acting as antagonists or as selective Treg-agonists.