The Scleroderma Research Foundation names first chief medical officer
26 January 2024 -

The Scleroderma Research Foundation (SRF), a United States-based, non-profit funder of scleroderma research, announced on Thursday that it has named Gregory Gordon, MD, JD as its first chief medical officer (CMO).

In the new role, Dr Gordon is to offer both strategic management and operations oversight for the recently announced global clinical trial program CONQUEST, which will involve 130 medical centres in 22 countries. He will also liaise with Sanofi and Boehringer Ingelheim, two of CONQUEST's pharmaceutical partners, and any other partners that choose to launch innovative therapies on the CONQUEST platform.

Dr Gordon has served as vice president of Clinical Development at PTC Therapeutics and primary care physician at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates. He has earlier headed clinical development and operations at Rhythm Pharmaceuticals, worked as the head of US Medical at TiGenix and as the Global Clinical Affairs Lead at Nestle Health Science.

Joanne Gold, of SRF executive director, said, 'Dr Gordon, with his impressive track record spanning over fifteen years in pivotal leadership roles in the biotechnology industry, brings a unique and vital perspective to the Scleroderma Research Foundation. His diverse experience is an invaluable asset to the SRF and the entire scleroderma community. Among his contributions, he will enhance our already extensive community outreach and patient engagement initiatives.'