Tevard Biosciences names new chief scientific officer
14 November 2023 -

Tevard Biosciences Inc, a US-based company involved in tRNA-based therapies and other mRNA-modulating treatments for genetic diseases, announced on Monday that it has named Dr Gregory Robinson as its new chief scientific officer.

Dr Robinson has leadership experience with research and clinical development. He has held the position of chief scientific officer at Summation Bio, Akouos, Nightstar Therapeutics and Agilis. He has also served in leadership roles at Shire Plc and Eyetech Pharmaceuticals.

Tevard CEO and co-founder Daniel Fischer, said: "Dr. Robinson has a long track record of success in translating innovative science into new medicines across therapeutic areas and modalities. We are thrilled to have his leadership as we advance our programs into the clinic and progress our pipeline of treatments for neurological disorders, heart disease, and muscular dystrophies."