HERVOLUTION Therapeutics names new chair of scientific advisory board
14 September 2023 -

HERVOLUTION Therapeutics (HERVOLUTION) (formerly InProTher ApS), an early-stage biotechnology company, announced on Wednesday that it has named Professor Robert S Langer, Sc D as the chair of its scientific advisory board (SAB).

Prof Langer co-founded Moderna Therapeutics and has served as Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Dr Peter Holst, founder and chief scientific officer of HERVOLUTION, said: 'We are honoured to welcome Professor Langer as Chair of HERVOLUTION's scientific advisory board. His work in drug delivery systems and RNA technologies has laid the foundation for an entire industry. Professor Langer's expertise and track record of success will be invaluable as we accelerate the development of our lead candidate, a first-in-class immunotherapy against solid tumours into clinical development.'