Reprocell USA receives contract to provide support for Lantern Pharma's phase two clinical trial
4 May 2023 -

Reprocell USA, a company that provides services and reagents to support the entire drug discovery pathway, announced on Wednesday that it has received a contract to provide support for United States-based Lantern Pharma's phase two clinical trial named 'A Study of LP-300 With Carboplatin and Pemetrexed in Never Smokers with Advanced Lung Adenocarcinoma (HARMONIC).'

The Harmonic study is being conducted to determine clinical advantages for Lantern Pharma's investigational new drug LP-300 in combination with carboplatin and pemetrexed in patients that were never smokers, with lung adenocarcinoma and that have relapsed after treatment with tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs).

Reprocell will produce Specimen Collection Kits, process patient samples and store biomaterial from patients in this study. Additionally, Reprocell will provide isolation of cell free DNA from plasma, genomic DNA and/or RNA from the buffy coat fraction, and archive pathology FFPEs and associated H&E-stained slides from selected patients. Reprocell will retain all biomaterials and pathology materials on-site until required by Lantern Pharma later.