Twist Bioscience Launches Antibody Discovery Services Integrating In Vivo, In Vitro and In Silico Approaches
15 March 2023 - - US-based synthetic biology and genomics company Twist Bioscience Corp. (NASDAQ: TWST) is offering an integrated offering of antibody discovery services available to customers, the company said.

The offering combines Twist Biopharma's synthetic libraries and AI machine learning with an in vivo immunization approach gained through the acquisition of Abveris, also known as Twist Boston.

This premium service is able to provide customers with optimized, development-ready antibody candidates. The combined team will be led by Tracey Mullen, MBA, who was appointed senior vice president of biopharma for Twist Bioscience.

The newly combined entity, now known as Twist Biopharma Solutions, combines proprietary technology with years of industry expertise and scientific excellence to find the best antibody candidate for given therapeutic targets of interest.

Supported by high-throughput DNA synthesis and IgG antibody production, Twist constructs large and highly specific synthetic antibody libraries with discovery beginning with either in vivo or in vitro diversity.

These libraries are then screened to identify the best antibody candidates for a specific target.

Additionally, the integration of the Abveris in vivo discovery approaches of single B cell screening and hybridoma discovery enable parallel paths where multiple technology methods can be leveraged to create a panel of highly diverse antibody leads with broad epitope coverage.

This multi-pronged approach can increase the likelihood of discovering highly specific, high affinity functional antibodies by sampling both natural and synthetic diversity.

Twist Biopharma Solutions, which includes the combined South San Francisco and Boston biopharma teams, will be led by Tracey Mullen in her newly appointed role as senior vice president of biopharma.

Aaron Sato, Ph.D., remains integrally involved in Twist Biopharma Solutions and in his role as chief scientific officer of Twist Bioscience, extends his expertise across the organization.

Tracey joined Twist through the acquisition of Abveris in November 2021.

In April 2022, she took on the position of senior vice president of operations, driving the completion of the Factory of the Future in Wilsonville, Oregon, which began shipping products in January 2023. Prior to Twist, she served as CEO of Abveris.

Before Abveris, she served on the antibody discovery team at Biogen where she helped implement the technology transfer of the Adimab yeast display platform for antibody discovery and engineering.

Throughout her tenure at Biogen, Tracey worked to optimize the in vitro discovery of antibodies to traditionally difficult therapeutic targets, including leveraging the Adimab platform to generate antibodies against GPCRs.

Previously she worked for a contract research organization specializing in in vivo antibodies.

She received her B.S. in chemical and biological engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her Executive MBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology.

Twist Biopharma Solutions combines high-throughput DNA synthesis technology, deep expertise in antibody engineering and in vivo, in vitro and in silico discovery methods to provide end-to-end antibody discovery solutions across the preclinical continuum and tailored to our partner's specific needs.

Twist Bioscience is a leading and synthetic biology and genomics company that has developed a disruptive DNA synthesis platform to industrialize the engineering of biology. The core of the platform is a proprietary technology that pioneers a new method of manufacturing synthetic DNA by "writing" DNA on a silicon chip.