Gilead Sciences helps address ongoing COVID-19 crisis in Indonesia and Armenia with Veklury (remdesivir) donation
20 October 2021 -

Biopharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences Inc (Nasdaq:GILD) on Tuesday announced a donation of 100,000 vials of Veklury to help address the recent surge of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia, as well as 3,000 vials of Veklury to help patients hospitalised with COVID-19 in Armenia, through distributorships in both the countries.

Veklury (remdesivir), which is a nucleotide analog, is the antiviral standard of care for the treatment of hospitalised patients with COVID-19. It has broad-spectrum antiviral activity both in vitro and in vivo in animal models against multiple emerging viral pathogens. It directly inhibits viral replication of SARS-CoV-2 by targeting the viral RNA polymerase inside of the cell, added the company.

The new Veklury donations will complement the supply of generic remdesivir provided through Gilead's voluntary licensing programme, which provides long-term licenses to nine manufacturers in 127 low- and low-middle income countries, including Indonesia and Armenia. These licenses remain royalty-free, reflecting the company's existing commitment to enabling broad patient access to remdesivir.

Additionally, Veklury and generic remdesivir have been made available to more than seven million patients around the world, including five million people in middle- and low-income countries through the company's voluntary licensing programme. It has donated over 450,000 vials of Veklury to India and 10,000 vials of Veklury to Georgia. Veklury is approved or authorized for temporary use in approximately 50 countries worldwide.