Breckenridge Pharmaceutical signs multi-product agreement with Welding GmbH
5 July 2021 -

Breckenridge Pharmaceutical Inc, a US subsidiary of Japan-based Towa Pharmaceutical, announced on Friday that it has signed a multi-product agreement with Germany-based Welding GmbH & Co.

According to the contract, Welding GmbH & Co will develop, manufacture and provide pharmaceutical products for marketing, sale and distribution by the company.

Tthe contact currently covers one delayed release tablet product and two injectable products. Breckenridge has submitted one ANDA to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), one ANDA is likely to be submitted to the FDA this month and one ANDA is in an advanced stage of development.

According to industry sales data, the brand and generics of these three products had annual sales of USD300m during the twelve months ending April 2021.