Breckenridge Pharmaceutical signs contract with Aggrega Pharma
23 June 2021 -

Breckenridge Pharmaceutical Inc, a US-based subsidiary of Japan-headquartered Towa Pharmaceutical, announced on Tuesday that it has signed a contract with Aggrega Pharma LLC, a pharmaceutical company.

Under the contract, Aggrega will develop, manufacture and supply pharmaceutical products for marketing, sale and distribution by Breckenridge.

Presently, the contract includes eight products in various dosage forms, including solid oral, nasal spray, ophthalmic, injectable and transdermal products. Breckenridge previously launched Succinylcholine Chloride Injection, USP, 20mg/mL under this agreement, which is now available from Breckenridge as a carton of 25 vials. According to industry sales data, these eight products and their generics had annual sales of USD500 million during the twelve months ending April 2021.