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SCAN Health Plan announces reduction in vaccine disparities among black, latinx and low-income members
5 August 2021 -

Medicare Advantage plan SCAN Health Plan said on Wednesday that it has reduced troubling vaccination inequities among its member population via unique collaborations, culturally relevant outreach, family caregiver support as well as a staunch focus on building trust.

Since February 2021, the vaccination gap between Black and white SCAN members was reduced from 17% to 6%, Latinx and white SCAN members was reduced from 11% to 4%, low income and other members was reduced from 15% to 8% and the members who live in zip codes highest within the community need index (4-5) was reduced from 16% to 8%, as of 31 July 2021.

The company surveyed Black and Spanish speaking caregivers and members to learn more about their views on vaccines, launched an in-home vaccination programme for homebound members, unveiled a dedicated COVID Vaccine Line as well as created a COVID-19 dashboard to track vaccine doses among its members.

In addition, the company promoted equitable COVID vaccine distribution by building trust through culturally and linguistically appropriate targeted outreach.