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Roquefort Therapeutics advances novel siRNA therapeutics
7 August 2023 -

Roquefort Therapeutics (LSE:ROQ, OTCQB:ROQAF), a biotech firm that specialises in high-value oncology medicines, announced on Monday that it has successfully developed new siRNA sequences for its family of pioneering anti-cancer siRNA therapeutics, enhancing its portfolio and intellectual property,

These advancements follow the acquisition of Oncogeni Ltd in September 2022, bolstering Roquefort's pre-clinical siRNA anti-cancer medicines collection.

Led by Professor Graham Robertson, vice president of Drug Discovery, the company's drug discovery team has crafted four additional siRNA sequences that complement the existing portfolio, focusing on targets STAT-6 and its SH2 domain. This strategic move strengthens Roquefort's position after completing a new patent filing, safeguarding both composition and methods of use.

These siRNA therapeutics, based on the Nobel Prize-winning RNA interference (RNAi) technology, align with market trends. Targets like STAT-6 and novel modalities such as siRNA are garnering substantial deal values due to their potential to generate multi-billion dollar revenues. Roquefort's approach aims to deliver first-in-class medicines and significant shareholder value by identifying these opportunities ahead of the market's recognition.

The company's portfolio features five potential first-in-class medicines, including STAT-6 and Midkine targets, alongside modalities like siRNA, mRNA and cell therapy.