Therapy Areas: Vaccines
MJH Life Sciences partners with the International Society for Vaccines to speak about COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy
5 March 2021 -

Medical media company MJH Life Sciences' COVID-19 Coalition on Thursday reported a free, live, 90-minute webinar, "Building Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccination: A Toolbox of Talks From Leaders in the Field" in collaboration with the International Society for Vaccines.

The partners added that the free, live, 90-minute webinar will be co-hosted on 9 March 2021 at 14:00 EST/19:00. GMT/20:00. CET.

According to the partnership, the rollout of vaccines to combat COVID-19 are incredible feats of innovation by the scientific community, but vaccines can only work when they are administered, particularly to high-risk groups. Vaccine hesitancy has become a problem of its own, fueled by misinformation and mistrust. The clinicians must first explore the root causes of vaccine hesitancy, from the psychology of decision making and messaging to strategies for boosting vaccine confidence on the front lines and among at-risk populations.

The panel includes Heidi J Larson, PhD, director of The Vaccine Confidence Project; Wolfgang Gaissmaier, PhD, professor of social psychology at the University of Konstanz in Germany; Marie Brown, MD, director of practice redesign for the American Medical Association and associate professor in the department of internal medicine at Rush Medical College at Rush University in Chicago, Illinois; and Samantha Artiga, VP and director of the Racial Equity and Health Policy Programme at Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF).

In addition, the hosts and moderator representing the International Society for Vaccines (ISV) include Linda Klavinskis, PhD, fellow and secretary of ISV, Denise Doolan, PhD, fellow and president-elect of ISV as well as Margaret Liu, MD, chairman of the board of ISV.