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Kyruus Enables Online Scheduling for COVID-19 Vaccine Visits
15 January 2021 - - US-based health system search and scheduling solutions provider Kyruus has expanded its patient access platform to enable customers to offer online consumer scheduling for COVID-19 vaccine visits, the company said.

The vaccine scheduling capabilities are available within the company's  online scheduling solution.

Almost 10 health systems have already activated vaccine scheduling with Kyruus, cumulatively booking more than 100,000 appointments in the first month alone.

Kyruus enables healthcare organizations to offer intuitive online scheduling within its Kyruus ProviderMatch for Consumers solution for websites and mobile apps.

Health systems across the United States help consumers navigate to the right care through ProviderMatch for Consumers.

Coupling SEO-optimized provider profiles with a dynamic care search experience, the cloud-based solution helps organizations simplify patient access and deliver differentiated digital experiences to both new and existing patients.

Kyruus customers have the flexibility to offer online scheduling in ProviderMatch for Consumers through direct integrations with their EHR platform(s) or through Kyruus' stand-alone appointment management solution.

Indistinguishable from a consumer experience standpoint, both options provide a user-friendly booking experience and allow customers to incorporate validation questions to confirm that the person obtaining the appointment meets current criteria to obtain the vaccine.

These solutions are available to both new and existing Kyruus customers.

In recent years, Kyruus has expanded its online scheduling platform to go beyond provider appointments, allowing customers to also surface other appointment options, such as urgent care and retail clinic visits, seamlessly within ProviderMatch search results.

The COVID-19 vaccine offering builds on a wide range of additional expansions in the past year alone, including online booking for COVID-19 testing, virtual care, mammogram, and flu vaccine appointments.

Kyruus delivers industry-defining provider search and scheduling solutions that help health systems match patients with the right providers across their enterprise-wide access points.

Serving 300,000 providers across leading health systems nationwide, the Kyruus ProviderMatch suite of solutions, for consumers, access centers, and care settings, enables a modern and consistent patient experience, while optimizing provider utilization.

The company's award-winning provider data management platform powers each of the ProviderMatch solutions and transforms how health systems understand and manage their provider networks.