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Synapse Medicine announces the Medication Shield in France for safety of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign
15 January 2021 -

Drug information company Synapse Medicine revealed on Thursday that it has introduced the Medication Shield solution to allow the healthcare professionals and patients to simplify the management of reports on adverse drug reactions of the COVID-19 vaccines in France.

Through the Medication Shield solution, the company will work with the Regional Pharmacovigilance Centers (CRPV) and the French government agency for Drug Safety (ANSM) to ensure the safety of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign in France. In France, the monitoring of the safety of medicines, especially vaccines, is carried out by the ANSM and the CRPV.

The COVID-19 vaccines were reportedly developed in a short time and it is imperative to be rigorous and responsive when monitoring any adverse drug reactions. The company said that the Medication Shield simplifies the management of adverse drug reactions (ADR) reports and enables pharmacovigilance teams to deal with the most severe casesto concentrate.

According to the company, its Medication Shield manages ADR reports (submitted by the public in the online portal) in real time, automatically codes them according to an international classification (MedDRA) and classifies them according to severity.