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Logmore introduces logistics monitor for COVID-19 vaccine shipments
26 November 2020 -

Logmore, a Finnish provider of supply chain analytics solutions, announced on Wednesday the launch of a new logistics monitor designed for COVID-19 vaccine delivery.

Logmore Dry Ice, a high-spec version of the company's original data recorder, has been adapted for cold and sub-zero conditions. It is designed for sensitive shipments such as COVID-19 vaccines which require deep freeze storage of as low as -80ºC throughout their journey.

The logger has an additional sensor connected to it with a cable. By placing only the external sensor inside the box, the device can monitor internal temperatures despite remaining outside the box -- allowing it to handle far lower temperatures than comparable products.

The device's ability to monitor temperature, humidity, shocks, tilt and light in real-time will help ensure that life-saving vaccines can be distributed in optimum condition, Logmore said.