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Logmore Launches First Logistics Monitor Designed for COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery
25 November 2020 - - Finnish supply chain analytics solution provider Logmore has launched its latest product, the company said.

Logmore Dry Ice, a high-spec version of Logmore's original data recorder, has been adapted for cold and sub-zero conditions.

The solution is designed for sensitive shipments, such as the COVID-19 vaccine the moment it becomes available.

Since its founding in 2017, Logmore has disrupted logistics monitoring with its use of loggers that sync with the cloud using dynamic QR codes, allowing anyone with a smartphone to update secure systems with the latest conditions and locations of shipments.

Logmore Dry Ice redefines monitoring of cold chain shipments from standard fridge temperatures (2-8°C) all the way down to deep freeze levels of -100°C.

This makes it ideal for transporting the COVID-19 vaccines, which require deep freeze storage of as low as -80ºC throughout their journey.

The device's ability to monitor temperature, humidity, shocks, tilt, and light in real-time will be critical in ensuring that life-saving vaccines can be distributed in optimum condition.

Logmore's technology allows shipments to be monitored from any smartphone, providing a cost-effective and precise global logistics solution.

It enables shipping companies to offer full transparency to all stakeholders, differentiating their best-in-class COVID-19 vaccine logistics with the quality assurances that pharmaceutical buyers and sellers require.

The device has an additional sensor connected to it with a cable.

By placing only the external sensor inside the box, the logger can monitor internal temperatures, despite remaining outside the box.

In this manner, Logmore Dry Ice can handle far lower temperatures than comparable products, making it ideal for cold boxes used to dispatch pharmaceutical items.

Other dry ice-compatible loggers generally need to be placed inside cold boxes and can only export data once defrosted upon arrival.

What's more, they sync with other devices using USB connections, which can represent cyber threats.

Using QR scanning, shipment recipients can verify that all requirements have been met in transit, without investing in any specialized hardware or software.

In this manner, Logmore Dry Ice ensures that vaccines remain within safe parameters throughout their journeys by monitoring their temperatures, reliably, securely and affordably.

Comparing the total cost of ownership of a standard USB dry ice logger system with Logmore's solution, after only 5000 monitored cold boxes are shipped, opting for Logmore Dry Ice represents savings of approximately EUR 45,000.

Using Logmore, the pharmaceutical industry and public health services can safely yet affordably deliver vaccines to where they're needed most.

When the coronavirus vaccine is ready for distribution, it is anticipated that there will be unprecedented demand on the global logistics industry.

The vaccine will be required for 7 bn people, each of whom may require multiple doses, straining the supply chain network, which is not yet equipped for reliable deep freeze shipping.

To compound the challenge, industry experts estimate that currently, some 25% of vaccines reach their destinations in degraded states because of shipping issues, while 20% of all temperature-sensitive products are damaged during transport due to cold chain interruptions.

Due to these hazards, careful shipment and monitoring of the coronavirus vaccine will be vital.

Logmore's clear, fast and secure data logging service provider.

Logmore's QR data logger supports end-to-end logistics monitoring. Logmore Dry Ice Logger, the company's latest product, is designed for the pharmaceutical industry and is capable of operating at extremely low temperatures.