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Gyant Launches AI-Powered Virtual Assistant for Future COVID-19 Vaccine Rush
16 October 2020 - - US-based AI-powered virtual assistant company Gyant has launched a vaccine care navigation tool, Gyant Vaccine, anticipating impending health system strain following emergency use authorization of a COVID-19 vaccine, the company said.

The solution offers support for each step of the patient journey, from initial inquiry to post-vaccination follow-up.

Anticipating the tsunami of inbound patient inquiries, overwhelmed call centers, appointment scheduling demands, and eligibility screening requests as the vaccine becomes available, Gyant Vaccine will virtually guide patients through the entire pre- and post-vaccination process.

Gyant Vaccine is built with the patient perspective in mind, prioritizing a seamless experience.

The solution anticipates and captures vaccine demand, helping health systems to pre-qualify individuals and facilitate deployment in direct alignment with phased or prioritized availability.

By empowering patients to learn about processes and options, screen and assess prioritization, book appointments, and stay in touch with their providers to schedule additional doses and monitor for side effects, Gyant Vaccine adapts to each provider's changing requirements over the course of the vaccine roll-out.

Gyant Vaccine builds on the company's successful COVID-19 SERA technology, which rapidly helped 25 payer and health system customers and half a m patients screen and triage symptoms to access testing and care.

With the addition of Vaccine, Gyant's AI-powered virtual assistant platform now even more effectively connects the dots across patients' digital journeys with the existing Front Door (care navigation and triage), Engage (patient outreach) and Clipboard (automated chart population) modules.

Gyant Vaccine has already generated overwhelming interest in the market with five health systems signed on to deploy the tool following emergency use authorization of a vaccine.

Gyant's empathic, intuitive virtual assistant guides patients through the complexity of their healthcare systems.

With dozens of clients throughout the United States, Gyant partners with Integrated Delivery Networks to deploy its technology on their websites, mobile apps, and patient portals, empowering patients to take control and connect the dots across their digital journeys and more meaningfully engage with their providers any time of the day, every day of the year.

Gyant reduces clinical strain and support staff overhead, improves outcomes, and exceeds patient expectations.

Gyant's conversational AI handholds patients from the virtual front door through their entire clinical journey by integrating deeply into clinical workflows.

The result is a higher level of efficiency that improves patient outcomes and makes them feel truly valued, now and every time they return.