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BiondVax wins patent for universal flu vaccine M-001 in India
3 January 2018 -

Biopharmaceutical company BiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Nasdaq:BVXV) (TASE:BVXV) reported on Tuesday the receipt of the key patent titled "A Synthetic or Recombinant Influenza Multi-Epitope Polypeptide" in India.

The company said the patent describes influenza vaccines comprised of multiple copies of several epitopes, including M-001, which contains nine common and conserved influenza virus epitopes. M-001 is the universal flu vaccine candidate that is currently in preparation for a Phase 3 clinical trial. A universal flu vaccine, designed to cover all flu strains, would provide consistent coverage and be appropriate for vaccination throughout the year.

A part of the portfolio family titled "Multimeric Multi-Epitope Influenza Vaccines," the patent has now been awarded in over 30 countries.

With a population of over 1.3 billion people, and high population density in some of the major cities, India is an important potential market for BiondVax and a universal flu vaccine may significantly improve public health.