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Biodesix Highlights Clinical Data Demonstrating the Potential of EarlyCDT Lung Blood Test to Improve Early Detection of Lung Cancer
12 September 2019 - - US-based diagnostics developer Biodesix, Inc. has highlighted positive clinical data from Oncimmune's Early CDT Lung blood test, which harnesses the power of the immune system to detect evidence of the body's natural response to cancer. The technology can detect cancer on average four years or more before standard clinical diagnosis.

Results from the randomised controlled study of 12,209 people at high risk of developing cancer, Early detection of Cancer of the Lung Scotland, were presented TODAY at the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer's (IASLC) 2019 World Conference on Lung Cancer in Barcelona.

In June, Biodesix announced acquisition of Oncimmune and the EarlyCDT Lung test in the United States.

Prof. Frank Sullivan, Professor of Primary Care Medicine at the University of St. Andrews and chief investigator for the ECLS trial, noted the global significance of a blood test, followed by CT scans, to increase the number of patients diagnosed at an earlier stage of disease, when surgery is still possible and prospects for survival are higher.

This early diagnosis is especially important in the case of lung cancer because approximately 85 % of patients are diagnosed with the disease at a late stage, when the cancer has spread to other parts of the body and the chances of survival are low.

In addition to its potential in lung cancer screening, the EarlyCDT Lung test also helps physicians to determine if a pulmonary nodule is potentially cancerous, helping physicians manage nodule patients.

The Biodesix Nodify XL2 test, is used to help physicians rule-out malignancy in low-to-moderate risk incidental lung nodules. Biodesix will offer complementary tests that help empower physicians to stratify patients into distinct nodule management pathways.

Biodesix is a lung cancer diagnostic solutions company addressing the continuum of patient care from early diagnosis of lung nodules through late stage cancer.

The company develops diagnostic tests addressing important clinical questions by combining simple blood draws and multi-omics with the power of artificial intelligence.

Biodesix said it is the first company to offer three best-in class tests for patients with lung cancer, and multiple pipeline tests including one with the potential to identify patients who may benefit from immunotherapies.

The Biodesix Lung Reflex strategy integrates the GeneStrat and VeriStrat tests to support treatment decisions with results in 72 hours.

The Nodify XL2 nodule test evaluates the risk of malignancy, enabling physicians to triage patients to the most appropriate course of action. Biodesix also partners with the world's leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to solve complex diagnostic challenges.


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