Therapy Areas: Respiratory
ADMA receives US patent for treating respiratory infections
16 May 2018 -

ADMA Biologics Inc (NASDAQ: ADMA) has been granted a US patent for its investigational drug RI-002 in the treatment of respiratory infections, the biopharmaceutical company announced on Wednesday.

US Patent No. 9,969,793 encompasses methods of treating upper and lower respiratory infections, including those caused by Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), other viruses, as well as bacteria, utilising RI-002 which contains elevated, neutralising antibody titers to RSV as well as elevated antibody titers to other respiratory pathogens, such as influenza virus, coronavirus, parainfluenza virus and metapneumovirus.

"This patent is the first of its kind for use of a polyclonal immunoglobulin preparation for treatment of respiratory infection and, in conjunction with three previously issued patents to ADMA, further protects our proprietary immune globulin technology for the prevention and treatment of infection," commented Adam Grossman, president and CEO of ADMA.

The patent is effective until January 2035.

ADMA will also continue to pursue additional US and international patents, Grossman said.

"While the patent encompasses the therapeutic treatment of respiratory infection in any type of patient, the immune compromised and immunodeficient patient populations remain a top priority for our company and the medical community at large," he added.



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