Therapy Areas: Inflammatory Diseases
TrippBio Completes Enrollment in a Proof of Concept Clinical Trial Evaluating the Efficacy of TD213 in Treating Patients with Confirmed COVID-19 Infections
23 October 2020 - - US-based biotechnology company TrippBio is developing a patent-pending repurposed FDA approved drug called TD213. TD213 works by blocking the SARS-CoV-2 virus' replication and the associated acute inflammatory response to the infection, the company said.

TrippBio is founded on the research of Ralph Tripp, Ph.D. the Georgia Research Alliance chair and Professor at the University of Georgia.

Dr. Moti N. Ramgopal of Midway Immunology and Research Center launched the investigator-initiated study to assess the efficacy of TD213 in treating patients with confirmed mild - moderate COVD-19 infections.

Ramgopal announced the final patient was enrolled in this proof of concept study and all participants are progressing through the protocol designated testing and follow-up visits. Recognized as one of the leading infectious disease doctors in the United States, Dr. Ramgopal's research center is committed to all the health needs of the patient.

TrippBio is a SpinUp Campus company. SpinUp Campus focuses on connecting university scientists with public investors to transform groundbreaking research into viable businesses that can change the world.

TrippBio said it needs the support of the worldwide community to continue into the next phase of testing and will use the capital from ongoing equity crowdfunding to extend clinical trials needed to seek global regulatory approval and commercialization of TD213.