Therapy Areas: Inflammatory Diseases
Royal Biologics Launches Human Amniotic Placental Tissue-derived Stem Cell Product for Treatment of Various Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Conditions
13 February 2018 - - US-based ortho-biologics and regenerative cellular therapy company Royal Biologics has launched their new amniotic stem cell product, Amnio-Maxx, derived from human amniotic placental tissue, the company said.
According to the company, Amnio-Maxx has shown significant benefits including as a safe, natural covering that improves normal wound healing outcomes, reduced inflammation, reduced fibrosis and scarring at the surgical site, decreased pain, and more.
Amnio-Maxx will be available in two forms, liquid amnion and dehydrated dual layer patches.
Royal Biologics is a life science company specializing in the advancement of regenerative medicine using proprietary technologies targeting point of care and autologous stem cell therapies.


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