Therapy Areas: Infectious Diseases
Immunome announces award of USD13.3m contract from US DoD for development of biosynthetic convalescent plasma to combat COVID-19
28 July 2020 -

Biotechnology company Immunome disclosed on Tuesday it has won a contract valued at up to USD13.3m from the US Department of Defense (DoD) to develop a novel biosynthetic convalescent plasma (BCP) as a new potential approach in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Immunome said that its technology works to interrogate B cells from patients who have successfully recovered from the COVID-19 infection and it intends to identify a combination of antibodies that are broadly active against the virus. This approach is expected to enable multiple viral clearance mechanisms and will be synthetically manufactured for availability to broad patient populations.

The company's scientific founder Dr Scott Dessain, MD, PhD, along with his colleagues, have validated this technology platform by successfully identifying broadly neutralizing antibodies against various strains of the poliovirus. As well as using this technology to prevent and treat COVID-19, the company added that it is in pre-clinical testing of antibody-based therapeutics against multiple novel oncology targets.

This technology may also be applicable beyond COVID-19, as it can also be used as a rapid response technology to quickly develop treatments during future outbreaks from other infectious agents, the company concluded.



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