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Lumenis launches new Digital Duet Digital SLT-YAG Platform
13 November 2020 -

Lumenis Ltd, an energy-based medical device company, has launched its new Digital Duet, claimed to be the first digital SLT-YAG system on the market, it was reported on Thursday.

The company said that Digital Duet takes gold-standard laser glaucoma treatment and posterior capsulotomy to the next level with the launch of advanced digital and connectivity capabilities, completely redefining the platform. The new Digital Duet streamlines workflow in the ophthalmology practice. Doctors can seamlessly generate reports and save data, images and video to the practice network and the electronic medical record, with no need for additional documentation or laser logs.

Dr Nathan M Radcliffe of the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, New York City, said, 'The Digital Duet's digital imaging capabilities are allowing me to document pathologies. Also, I can now share images with my patients to help them understand their conditions and feel comfortable with therapy. It's exciting to get these totally new capabilities in a system with the enhanced energy control, visualisation and precision I need to achieve the outcomes I want for patients with glaucoma.'