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Blink Science introduces Handheld Biosensor, blinkTEST for instant detection of COVID-19 and other disease biomarkers in saliva
10 November 2020 -

Biotechnology company Blink Science announced on Tuesday that it plans to bring its handheld biosensor device blinkTEST to market, for immediate detection of COVID-19 and other disease biomarkers.

Blink Science said blinkTEST is low-cost, high-tech device which will provide health reports that can be analyzed immediately to ensure rapid and precise diagnosis for acute and chronic conditions. The blinkTEST biosensor reads the electrical charges between antibodies and an easy-to-use test strip.

The company added that it is currently establishing strategic licensing and manufacturing relationships to accelerate to market and provide access to affordable and efficient health testing.

Blink Science is a SpinUp Campus company that focuses on connecting university scientists with investors to transform significant research into viable businesses.